Puzzles for October 2018

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October 26

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Puzzle Title Author Identifier Closure (Midnight) Link PDF to Print
September 2018 Slot 1Zinzan A Bit More of EverythingSep 27th
September 2018 Slot 2Murphyslore CrypticSep 27th
September 2018 Slot 3Pentangle CrypticSep 27th
September 2018 Slot 4Valkyrie Alphabetic JigsawSep 27th
September 2018 Slot 5Crowsman 280Sep 27th
September 2018 Slot 6Lexi Conner Art and CultureOct 11th
September 2018 Slot 7Nigrum Cattus CrypticOct 11th
October 2018 Slot 1Fortuna 48 Half and HalfOct 25th
October 2018 Slot 2JAXA CrypticOct 25th
October 2018 Slot 3Barney Naga CrypticOct 25th
October 2018 Slot 4Manveru Alphabetic JigsawOct 25th
October 2018 Slot 5Flowerman Nina's Unusually Square!Oct 25th
October 2018 Slot 6Valkyrie Sweet 100Nov 8th

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