August 2017 Slot 4

August 2017 Slot 4 (Alphabetical Jigsaw) by Manveru

Solutions begin with the given letter. Place them in the grid jigsaw-wise, where they fit.

ABless head of abbey with new place that's disreputable and roofless (6)
BIn a few words, encrypt right file and place in Times (7)
CHowler making this sort of sound? (7)
DStaunch end of wound with Dutch iced tea concoction (9)
EA specialist surgeon, I depend on in every way (8)
FStoker folio, one with reference to Master Dracula's last name (7)
GIt helps set damaged ligament without medicine initially (7)
HBreathe in/out and sleep deeply (9)
IOne diving bird flies north in cloudy skies, initially to find glacial remnants (8)
JGermanic people are just European in a roundabout way (5)
KGreek memorials translated for parts of mass (11)
LStand to make money in the US despite being a fizzer? (8)
MActive parasites latch on to male resulting in bad blood (6)
NCried like a nag and said no (7)
OOrdinary Sam taking Sauron's original ring, corrupting all creatures (9)
PChange bloomers with new for old (7)
QTake a quick look after starting grill (4)
RIt's necessary to insert sheets of paper into right edition (8)
SContracts special councillor to take on leaderless Israelites (6)
TPrinters, not new, yet with style! (11)
UTask force on education is in accord (6)
VBattle-scarred vehicle wraps itself around tree, unfortunately (7)
WGet cranes from crones by swapping one letter? (7)
XHoisted up old barrel onto East Caribbean boat (5)
YChild with malady finally gets new surgeon to take temperature (9)
ZPasta spot found at top end of esplanade (4)

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