December 2018 Slot 4 (Alphabetical Jigsaw) by Valkyrie

Solutions begin with the given letter. Place them in the grid jigsaw-wise, where they fit.

AUnorthodox laic school habituals (10)
BSounds too tired to ride (7)
CDishonest man, put inside, relapsed last month (7)
DPlain rice blend is unusual (11)
EHeads of department record first what some priests wear (6)
FStrong Roman Catholic tribunal accepts new Latin facade (7)
GTo become more likeable to Greece, at first opportunity head north without delay (4,2)
HElvis Presley's song abandons all head to toe connections (4-3)
IIntuitively pub with a TV removes third of bulletins (8)
JMusic provider is Japanese with a small musical instrument case (7)
KSulk about including limitless edges for makeshift devices (7)
LHirer to insist on printed text (11)
MFictitious writer's fair is drug free (8)
NAustralia is surrounded by north- eastern American revulsion (6)
OPartial recovery after nil by mouth (6)
PBird bit pig - time to get to source of grievance (6-4)
QEven bits of gnocchi found in bizarre drink (8)
RRebuke severely for boisterous romp (7)
SMuscly beer? (3-5)
TMass clothing mobile unit takes on Coles, nothing withheld (8)
UGerman and English party for immature (5-3)
VVirgin is immersed in airwaves' talkback (6)
WFlounders back order alongside chops (7)
XMark Scot is a believer (4)
YMoney shouts, Spooner sings (6)
ZSmall room for leader of Zoroastrians and French associate (4)

Copyright © 2018 ACC: Ulla Axelsen.