January 2019 Bonus 2 (Alphabetic Jigsaw (Bonus)) by Valkyrie

Solutions begin with the given letter. Place them in the grid jigsaw-wise, where they fit. This puzzle may be solved using ACCOLADE. Solutions available 1 January or by using \"cheats\".

AA situation owing to unknown party defection (8)
BSlovenly head of bureaucracy left wife in Australia on the 4th of July (6)
CLetter from abroad opposed to Tuscan product (7)
DComplete lines of free dope served out in small amounts (8)
EOne of nine, a model, is ensnared by Cockney idol (5)
FCoast where deviant is taken in by caress (9)
GMastermind class welcomes writer (6)
HSpring edition folio - alternative wanted (5-3)
ILeaders' arousing summation not ignored (6)
JTakes a shot at judge in front of powerless nobles (5)
KGranulated most of seed, then added a little bit of dill (6)
LSeducer is reluctant to take Australian port (8)
MRuin main broadcast shelter (7)
NEvidence of damage to organ when Spooner fans desire (9)
ONonconformist loses out to umpire (3-3)
PDeep, granular shingle ends muddy mire at eastern opening (8)
QPart assigned to middle of tableau is worth citing (8)
RFormer NZ prime minister changed sides for diversity (5)
SFrench author of The Zealot? (5)
T and W Forenames of contemporaries who together composed lines about steam's warm thrill (6,7,7,6)
UStrange! A French Commander starts to manage our navy! (8)
VRevolve, revolve, revolve - no independence about bullfighter's cape movement (8)
WSee T
XLament, leader is sacrificed for ten amateur, primitive deity images (5)
YUnproductive centre of flower, buttercup perhaps (6)
ZOnce a country song in Zambia and Spain (5)

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