January 2019 Bonus 4 (AJAJ) by Pentangle

Solve the clues and place the solutions in the grid jigsaw-wise, where they fit. This puzzle may be solved using ACCOLADE. Solutions available 1 January or by using \"cheats\".

Call centre adjoins clubs accepting unlimited crosses to show great golf scores (11)
Judge has trouble with container holding radical escapee (11)
Almost all able to read begin with the same sounds (10)
Australian college on curved street is ever-increasing (10)
Runs away from trial pursuing Swedish group of abbeys (8)
Hated crumbling shortbread without soft edges (8) Highlighted: 'current centred right away' (8)
Highlighted: 'current centred right away' (8)
Social worker follows commercial project with assisting officer (8)
Company leaves Cairo and makes for forward bases for aircraft in enemy territory (8)
Wrongly arresting characters losing right to draw together (8)
Australia releases kinswomen (7)
Coldly run away behind a toilet (7)
A desire to tack on oddly easy letters (7)
Fairytale woodcutter with short assumed name protecting baby scratching bottom (3,4)
I seek for the most part in conjunction with a flavour (7)
Joins woman and former lovers (7)
Troubled outcast indulges in attention-seeking behaviour (4,3)
A shameless woman – Juliet abandoning Italy in favour of Spain in overthrow of Belize (7)
Jack replaces front of monitor for a woman (6)
Settle even bits of land only (6)
Flowering with a sudden burst of activity around the end of April (6)
Hermit extracting sulphur to make acid (6)
Sails all over the place including eastern passages (6)
Former students died leaving maudlin letters in disarray (6)
Mock fool losing weight (4)
Two women get together for some weed (2-2)

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