January 2019 Slot 4 (Alphabetical Jigsaw) by Zinzan

Solutions begin with the given letter. Place them in the grid jigsaw-wise, where they fit.

AOverwhelming sudden arrival of grandparents with a new Porsche, mostly covered up (9)
BPassing on magistrate's small matter during hearing (11)
CWill supplement of fish, rice and milk be discovered? (7)
DTabloid header taken down, re- edited as "The Devil in Seville!" (6)
EOld instrument twice tapped to remove a catheter possibly (8)
FIn the UK, 28.41 millilitres that is container for egg tart (7)
GDrink on a broadcast has got around a particularly difficult problem (7,4)
HWhich people carry out a scam on hearing of inexplicable bad luck? (6)
IZinzan slammed Atkins Diet as missing a collection of typical characteristics (9)
JAn unknown law backed by judge, first used in King's Cross inappropriately (7)
KSpooner's very amusing coat suggesting northern sea gull (9)
LMill around lake, it's said to attract attention most of the time (6)
MBe comfortable with upper-class in a variety of social settings (7)
NState of hearing aid unfortunately had been overlooked (7)
OHormone makes attractive female disposed to action on a regular basis (8)
PFavourite child hugs everybody in bed (6)
QOne has little stomach to acquit terrorist cell (7)
RViolent game of football decided finally by one point (4)
SLow sounds made by this underdog? (9)
TBook for two thirds of a year? (8)
UUltraviolet energy - it's a problem for the eyes (7)
VMostly unaffected spinning around, I remove hydrated chromium sesquioxide (8)
WA cry of excitement as jockey sticks to weight (5)
XIdeal places constituted by a country in Africa contrarily (7)
YMythical creature easily confused with measures taken (4)
ZCurrency zone left ordinary territory cleaned out (5)

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