January 2019 Slot 7 (Alphabetical Jigsaw) by KA

Solutions begin with the given letter. Plae them in the grid jigsaw-wise, where they fit.

A Gambit I once used to hide desire (8)
ACountry where one Academician held party with the Bishop (7)
AJudge Jenny? (6)
BSpiritual boss lied badly (8)
CUnconvinced, I'll assent to include diacritical marks (8)
DIntegrated circuit is indeed defrosted (2-4)
EEducated Buddhist is with people of fashion in Canadian city (8)
ETempted to be part of potent ice delivery (7)
EConstructs vertical section (6)
FMake room for Pacific tree in northern country (3,2)
GFrench pop singer making comeback following first gig (6)
HBush surrounds English sergeant in cage (7)
IRepresentative of architectural style around college (6)
IInstall inside southern gallery (7)
JGirl with money for classic British car (6)
JMarijuana for the knees perhaps? (6)
KI leave dog at river for Northern Islander (6)
KMassages confused, sad, Ken (6)
LTraditional knowledge includes island river (5)
MThe helmet always contains steel (5)
NPlaces where pleasure resort's holding drug? (6)
OPoem about Saint in theatres (6)
OHerb for soldiers with endless pain (5)
PAssumptions about some real estate (8)
QLanding place around empty gulag is boggy (6)
QPrison holds the first two terrorists, it is said (6)
RSpots Rector with remains (6)
SLinen for ropes (6)
SProduces square pieces (6)
STension for lover losing note (6)
TWork with European material (5)
TÀ bientôt - Tierney will keep the child (6)
UArtist following peacekeepers is ruined (6)
UDishearten a French male (5)
VA turncoat lover embraces returning physicist (5)
WState breaks tie with scientist (5)
XCrazy Nilot in grip of curse returned to rock (8)
YNorth European in garden told tales (6)
ZCountry tree without name contains vitamin (6)
ZColonial organisms found in fish in menageries (6)

Copyright © 2019 ACC: Karl Audrins.