July 2018 Slot 4 (Alphabetic Jigsaw) by Both Sides

Solutions begin with the given letter. Place them in the grid jigsaw-wise, where they fit.

ASurprise note heard in a noise (7)
BForbid grammar school fringes (5)
CHire-plan for Queen (7)
DAt some point, I giddily spin on toe (5)
EFrench delicacy in legendary ship anchored between key and bar (8)
F44 ruffled frills (4-4)
GOfficial journalist reported row led by offspring, first and last included (9)
HNW of Scotland in full light (8)
ICut off and bury mushroom by last light (9)
JCain and Job roughed up a French monk (7)
KAncient Persian Governors in Caravanserai (5)
LSwinging The Balance by politician (9)
MHard shiny flooring for Bar? (6)
NDelicious drink causing trance (6)
OPhotographic print of gem in Spain (7)
PNumber for report of one of J's assailants (8)
QBees' matriarch? (5,6)
RPeople show style at the track (7)
SWeight found in fruit (5)
TA ute ran amok like a bull (7)
UOutright majority talk more than anyone? (9)
VSpace Omnibus (6)
WHer new groom became a pimp! (11)
XOld silver coin in ex-RAF mess (7)
YLast stripey window-covering is wide open (7)
ZA zel played by Old Testament enthusiast (6)

Copyright © 2018 ACC: Anne Simons and Nea Storey.