June 2018 Slot 4 June 2018 Slot 4 (Alphabetic Jigsaw) by Valkyrie

Solutions begin with the given letter. Place them in the grid jigsaw-wise, where they fit.

ANearly a fit (5)
BBox office chicks conceal dream about avant-garde artists (9)
CCoffee maker finally spoke following small restaurant row (9)
DPut out lantern over the moon! (9)
EAll now and then leave early (5)
FGerman woman joins Dutch con man (5)
GUnaffected by oil, gears are fixed to extreme pressure covering (11)
HChile quake originally only destroyed step with right vertical risers (11)
IFirst person, name unknown, Italian original settler (5)
JJunior caught priest crazy with love for a bit of baloney (11)
KTree dwellers twisted loops around a beloved uniform (9)
LTiger wolf regularly returns for Angolan mint product (4)
MSmall child expressed intensity of purpose (5)
NTrained assassin to reduce baseball team with German approval (5)
ODelineated too much in the red (9)
PArranged racing stripe without name around food channel (11)
QP stop? Round far side of latrine (5)
RAny point of the compass? Sounds odd (5)
SSexy passage, one in seven, incomplete (9)
TVehicle carrying uranium received a jerk causing emotional shock (9)
UJunior to one of the French Resistance (5)
V'E was decapitated? Really? (4)
WWestern cause bringing back NZ birds (5)
XTen heads of Yves Lacoste’s Organization on edge over British- American instrument (9)
YCertainly very old. Worldly wise? A bit! (4)
ZRegion 01 (4)

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