May 2018 Slot 4 May 2018 Slot 4 (Alphabetic Jigsaw) by Manveru

Solutions begin with the given letter. Place them in the grid jigsaw-wise, where they fit.

ABirds, badgers, seals or bats (11)
BAn old fortress foundation erected around farm (8)
CCaught malaria, strangely, from seafood (8)
DStudy notes to attempt ivory art? (9)
EIngredient served up with some duck (5)
FChow choking on frayed leash - now that's a story! (9)
GDugong upset after ingesting head of eel and carp-like fish (7)
HAnswer is hidden in clue for a body part (6)
IPartially hide a tendency to daydream (6)
JRaise new fort to protect capital of Sweden from the freezing weather (4,5)
KFlyer taking time to land with new inexperienced Tiger (6)
LInertia and gravity intrinsic to earthly revolution (8)
MNervously resit university exam after missing Energy & Advanced Alloys (8)
NOstriches, an unknown number, love to ultimately bury in sand when disturbed (7)
OPlay scoreless draw hosting the two sides from Liverpool (7)
PPlots pressure curve with elevated line on entropy (7)
QArabian nationals from Southern Iraq retreating to entrap voluntary military force (7)
RReturn from sports ground following rugby's opener against England (7)
SWinged messenger, perhaps, mistakenly exorcising priest (6)
TStab a retailer stocking a range of silk (7)
UOver the top protection against cats and dogs? (9)
VOld English tavern in need of refurbishment (7)
WAlbino whale (humpback) is travelling east, initially (5)
XKiss heard on the radio? (4)
YFilm star rejected every second character in hard copy (4)
ZStep by step guide for mobile activation? (6,5)

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