November 2018 Slot 4 (Alphabetical Jigsaw) by KA

Solutions begin with the given letter. Place them in the grid jigsaw-wise, where they fit.

AOne fish grew old (4)
BExclude sibling holding popular heraldic sign (3,8)
CFacing criminal scene of activity in Gabon (11)
DProsecutor thanks headquarters for information storage facilities (9)
EDiscomfort for watchers' retinue (9)
FWaste food? Not here! (7,4)
GSensational school year (4)
HBribe for sweetheart to swallow horrible mush (4,5)
IStep in to bury destroyed reef (9)
JEven so, Nepal ajowans camouflage returned peppers (9)
KSteal small, dead, singular plants (9)
LHolds some hair (5)
MDaydreams about Titania, Oberon and Portia (5)
NA number climbed glacier snowfields (5)
OAgree with father to return with one animal (5)
PReceive almost complete amount (9)
QBoat accessory for financial analyst (5)
RTraces of hair stuck in fissures (9)
SReformed louser takes in soup for fellow black man (4,7)
TChampion in race is silent (5)
UCancel United Nations party (4)
VReturning bird losing energy will change direction (4)
WA few express joy at noon (5)
XDry times for Clapton (5)
YDry out hole to hide boy (5)
ZCountry support for old Spanish vessel (5)

Copyright © 2018 ACC: Karl Audrins.