October 2018 Slot 4 (Alphabetic Jigsaw) by Manveru

Solutions begin with the given letter. Place them in the grid jigsaw-wise, where they fit.

AA music player's brilliant new hit's finale could be touching (8)
BSounds like a splendid meal on a restaurant bench (9)
CSecret deal with sect in Norway goes awry (11)
DWater reservoir section directed towards fruit tree (6)
EMeet earl, knight, noble and queen (9)
FPut on a pretence and collapsed reportedly (7)
GEscaped with Game of Thrones on vacation (3,4)
HPraise God after Noah somehow stows sons and first pair of animals (7)
IEinstein, undergoing experimentation about time, is making significant contribution to GUT! (9)
JJudge is needing security after bishop is taken away to prison (4)
KCordial and rosé are similar? (7)
LPerhaps like edge of Dead Sea! (8)
MJersey wind perhaps? (7)
NOne travelling north over motorway with a police unit heading west (7)
OBiblical works include chapters beginning to understand Leviticus and the metaphysical (6)
PLand at ski resort in Pennsylvania before heading to Nebraska (8)
QLunch perhaps, at 12:45 served by chef, mostly (6)
ROpening of gutter overwhelmed by this? (4)
SSubaru's first advanced vehicle with new acceleration based on hydrogen is kind of plain (8)
TA surprising gesture of appreciation from Thor? (11)
UCopper involved in search disregards lead completely (5)
VRemarkably, a Thailand cave supported by leading divers is no longer occupied (7)
WFight escalating before King joins army and staff (9)
XOlivia Newton-John song in top spot? (6)
YThrew in the towel with eyelid beginning to droop alarmingly (7)
ZSpheres of gas devoid of uppermost oxygen and sulphur (5)

Copyright © 2018 ACC: Michael Kennedy.