September 2017 Slot 4

September 2017 Slot 4 (Alphabetical Jigsaw) by St Jude

Solutions begin with the given letter. Insert them in the grid jigsaw-wise, where they fit.

AWhimsical about doing very well? Just the opposite and becoming known by it (11)
BSome phobias result in prejudice (4)
COrganised company man regarding going to Darwin and its surrounds (8)
DEnticed theologian to accept point of view (7)
EAnd German leaves saps with furs (7)
FUnimportant commotion results when first French then American navy ship take a headland (9)
GSomeone sad and isolated will agitate or gull men (4,5)
HCurses about measure of hydrocarbons (7)
ICharmingly simple clay I'll idly turn (11)
JAthlete observed and manoeuvred (8)
KTransported, perhaps, by talk about one upending cards without a suit (7)
LThrow priest-like flowers (8)
MRug press I leave with married woman (6)
NTidier and purer than pure? (6)
OImitated pig with no tattoos? (6)
PPirate had unnatural food craving for kangaroo from top of New South Wales (8)
QHer Majesty dismisses earl and knight and welcomes an old whore (5)
RNo note of fatigue but inflammation (7)
SIn France, Sweden to prosecute Germany and Spain for leather (5)
TChange short translation by hired funeral attendant (9)
UContent of full-aged dregs (6)
VLeaves cleaner seat rearranged (7)
WDiscuss method of discovery of milk product (4)
XFrog is strange to little cat (7)
YDeranged soldier at front may chant like a sailor (9)
ZTops this disturbance following philosophy (7)

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