September 2018 Slot 4 (Alphabetic Jigsaw) by Valkyrie

Solutions begin with the given letter. Place them in the grid jigsaw-wise, where they fit.

AMister YMCA? Unfortunately irregular (10)
BLoud priest's vestment repelled clique (7)
CBracelet clip (4)
DDiscard Democratic passion (5)
EThermonuclear neutralization not totally secure (4)
ERelease electronic charge (8)
FFruit flower illustration (6)
GFish bag tackle (6)
HSurround and monopolize small defensive position (8)
IRudeness covers up beginning of rebellious recklessness (10)
JGerman and Canadian petrol carrier (8)
KCurved missile shaped like the front of some underpants (5)
LEnglish student dismantled gun after one day (8)
MKing and queen without ace is inadequate (4)
NSam perhaps, moving up north on opening of injection centres (6)
ORun rings around class following inharmonious period (10)
PBought and pickled by an expert! (8)
QPound sterling undergoes penny for penny quibble (4)
RUtter control over soft drug seizure (6)
RExhibit once more unpredictable hot anger (6)
SIncorrigible rascal escapes boundless prayer (10)
TBeat rubbish cans to block rage (9)
UEclipse on high point of life (7)
VCareer victory for top venue (8)
WMaterial alteration to new city lacks model (6)
XInstrument with wooden bars loses one to mature wood borer (9)
YHigh mountain dwellers reportedly around station yard (5)
ZBeing divided, Australia did a turn around about sanctuary (5)

Copyright © 2018 ACC: Ulla Axelsen.