DA 14/07/17

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DA 14/07/17

Post by zinzan » Fri Jul 14, 2017 9:56 am

More of a slog today. The clues didn't have the same cleverness as last week. I had trouble with the right hand side due to an unusual answer at 9dn and an alternate answer at 22dn.
If last week was a 9/10, this was a generous 5.

1) SPEED MERCHANT : ddef. Bit bland.
10) GUM ARABIC : (a,bum,cigar)*
11) SALSA : a,slas- < I don't like just 'steps' as a definition.
12) ON EDGE : 're side' = on edge. Hmm.
13) INFERNAL : internal with F(emale) replacing T(he). The clunk is back.
15) IONESCO : hd(-I ONE'S CO-) A playwright/poet I hear of only in cryptics. Couldn't be bothered to investigate.
16) PAY RISE : pa(y)ris,e. What does 'for' do ? Nothing. Other setters would eliminate unnecessary words.
18) VIA : via- That is, vial with the last carriage removed. Ugh.
19) ILL-FAME : (fill,a)*,me. I remember once DA clued 'setter' (or similar) wanting ASTLE. Bit too pompous for my liking.
21) SEDATES : set,-ades <
23) UNWISEST : (twines,us)* Don't think 'strand' does it for me. Twines us ?
25) SCREAM : ddef. Not bad.
27) LEERY : reel<,y
28) AS IF I CARE : asi(f-i-c)a,re. Rubbish surface leading to laborious secinds.

2) PIMPERNEL : pimp.-ernel
3) ENRAGES : (seen)* around rag
4,26) m(body)*,ick. I hate anagrinds of any tense, participle, grammatical formation being put near fodder and it's expected to be okay. 'Dog' is a rubbish indicator, 'dogs' fodder is a rubbish formation, 'dogsbody' a rubbish device. Presumably not my favourite clue.
5) RECENT PAST : (cat,serpent)*
6) HOSIERY : h(osier)y
7) NYLON : n------y,lon-. Doesn't 'barely' imply that although something was slow or seemingly inadequate, it ultimately was enough and therefore complete ? Or if it means 'without clothes' then all clothing, so -ON- ?
8) IGNOMINIOUSLY : -ign-,-o-,mini,(lousy)*. See above.
9) CALL ME ISHMAEL : (a,chemical,smell)* minus 'c'. Unusual answer so left a big hole on the right side of the grid for a long while. I was wondering whether the blowhole had another name.
14) LOVER"S LANE : (novel.laser)* The definition was overly clever and ultimately made little sense. 'Where flames join on wheels' in the surface ?
17) IN THE MAIN : I,n(them,a)in-
20) ASSAYED : ass,aye,---d---
22) DICTION : addiction minus ad. Or as I had it, 'adoration' minus ad. No wonder 21 and 25ac weren't working.
24) WHERE : hm(wear)

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Re: DA 14/07/17

Post by afrit » Fri Jul 14, 2017 6:00 pm

In addition to Zinzan's frustrations:
11 Deserves a question mark as cut back is to be read as two words.
16 The surface would make even less sense without 'for'
24 If DA can't hear the difference between where and wear he needs hearing aids. Look at the relevent entries in Chambers and, I daresay, Macquarie.
18 The sooner this is forgotten, the better.

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