DA 23/02/18

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DA 23/02/18

Post by zinzan » Fri Feb 23, 2018 11:54 am

Seeing the green squares had me immediately on guard. Then the rubric gave little away. Then the lack of a starting answer for many minutes had me very worried.
I got 5ac which had relevance for 12ac. Then 8dn gave the 'in'. From there not too bad a solve though I had a wrong answer which made things hard for a while. Anyway . . . 12ac suggests the green squares are currencies anagrammed.

1) SLIPPAGE : (gapes)*<>lip
5) SCREAM : scr(--------e)am
10) BITCOIN : bit,coin
11) WHEATEN : w--h,eaten
12) CRYPTOCURRENCY : cry,(copy,rent)*<>cur- : 'mainly short'=curt>cur-
14) TOLL ROAD : to,(DOLLAR)*
15) OPPOSE : op,pose : 'modern verse' is the habit of modern youth to take 'versus' as 'verses' and make 'verse' a verb meaning to 'play against'.
18) NEARBY : y(bra)en<
20) POURED IN : p-----d<>(EURO)*,in
23) ADVENT CALENDAR : (let,advance)*,(RAND)*
26) RELIEVE : reli-,eve : memento=relic
27) ARIZONA : -a-,-ri-,-zon-,-a-
28) LATEST : late(n/s)t
29) ELDRITCH : 'eld,hm(rich)

1) SOBA : hm(sober)
2) INTER ALIA : in,te(RIAL)*a
3) PROSPER : p-r(PESO)*-r : though the fifth green square was unfair to solvers. The setter should've avoided that.
4) GONDOLAS : (DONG)*,(also)*
6) CHEER UP : ---ch,(RUPEE)*
7) EATEN : e,a,ten : 'axe' back-to-front implies 'eax', then make 'x' into 'ten'. Geddit ?
8) MONEYPENNY : mo,(YEN)*,penny
9) OWN UP : (WON)*,up
13) STAN LAUREL : stan-,laurel : I think 'kicking back to take' is 'stand(take)' minus d.
16) ODD MAN OUT : (amount)* implied
17) ROLL-CALL : roll(craps),call(poker)
19) BONKERS : b(KRONE)*s : 'bands'=b and s
21) RANDIER : (DINAR)*,ER : which had my wrong answer of HORNIER as (RHINO)* which is a slang word for money. Seemed okay at the time.
22) ACHES : a,ches-
24) VELDT : (LEV)*,d--t
25) which I realise now I haven't done. I'll post and see who comes forward. Maybe me.

Except for 3dn, I enjoyed the theme. 6.5/10

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Re: DA 23/02/18

Post by zinzan » Fri Feb 23, 2018 12:10 pm

25dn I reckon is BAHT* giving BATH. 'The other half of the clue is missing.

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Re: DA 23/02/18

Post by isla » Mon Feb 26, 2018 3:33 pm

Don't often do the DAs as not in his published area, but got sent this one by someone who was.

Quite enjoyed it. Except the last letter of 3 dn.
Scratched my head a lot - not a lot made sense for a long time. Eventually cracked the theme by getting NEARBY giving YEN.
Had a few queries: STAN, ROLL CALL where I was looking for a single term applicable to both pastimes, and 25 down where I had no idea, but BATH looks correct - I wrote CASH in desperation, you draw cash? Desperation, I tell you.

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