May Slot 1 Stroz

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May Slot 1 Stroz

Post by ianwilliams » Sun Jun 04, 2017 12:11 pm

Published comments - any more?

Explanations to cryptic clues. Across: 6 dd, 7
Hum (vibrate) + drum (ear), 9 very = tres + s, 10 record = hit + or
+ long after (miss), 11 dd, 13 f + lower, 15 dd, 19 (house arrest
- south)*, 20 dd, 23 (sanction + r)*, 24 Mu + (fi t)*, 26 Ch + Im +
NEY, 27 Opt +I + mum. Down: 14 cd, 18 in + fi rm, 21 cd.

May 1-2017: Patpourri of the Street by Stroz (Patrick Street)
• A real potpourri! Loved RANSOM. Took a while to get OVERMAN;
not helped by having OUTWIT. Rob Moline
• I never seem to be on the same wave-length as Patrick! Putting
OUTWIT for OUTFOX didn't help. Nea Storey
• 1dn: either 'nice' or 'fi ne' fi ts this clue..... either should be
acceptable. Maureen Blake
• Hand of the master! Eileen O'Brien
• Lots of lovely cleverly quirky clues here. Julie Crowe
• Diffi cult! I entered OUTWIT for 6dn which held things up for a
time. Loved the clue for SCARECROW. Anne Simons
• A tough slot 1 but enjoyable all the same. Ulla Axelsen
• RANSOM and FLOWER made me smile. Rob Moline
• A very Patricky start to the month! Kath Harper
• A few nice tricky clues such as RANSOM. Roy Taylor
• A plethora of '!' symbols. I would be hard pushed justifying any
of them. 16: Chant appears to be doing double duty as defi nition
for both 'song' and 'evensong'. 2: Very neat clue. George Rolfe
• Loved STEEPLECHASER! Cheryl Wilcox
• I did enjoy 2dn – RANSOM! Robyn McKenzie
• Enjoyable puzzle with cute clues. Beverley Cockburn
• Absolutely loved this. Thank you Patrick. Trish McPherson

Ian Williams

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