DA 03/08/18

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DA 03/08/18

Post by zinzan » Fri Aug 03, 2018 9:25 am

This puzzle wasn't very hard. It was probably more on the contemporary side of general knowledge than anything obscure. Only 1dn might be for the older folk. I have one I haven't quite parsed but maybe by the time I get to write it up . . .

1) PISTACHIO : h(Cats)ip<,i,o : surface is a bit scatty.
6) PAVED : p----d <> Ave : 'tunnels' being a containment indicator.
9) TOR : ---tor : ie orator minus 'or' and 'a'.
10) TRAILBLAZER : trail,blazer
11) ON TARGET : (rent,got,a)*
12) AVOWED : --av--,owed
15) KOHLS : hm(Coles) : learnt this one from my teenage daughter just the other week. Think Egyptian eyes.
17) WHODUNITS : wits <> (hound)* : a great word for setters as it's unusual and even with W_O_U_I_S it seemed a mistake more likely.
18) SKI PATROL : skip,a,trol- : 'vile Shorten poster' is not good. 'Shorten vile poster' works but obviously not surface-wise. So DA should've tried again.
19) TUTSI : tuts,--i--
21) I ROBOT : -iro bot---- : I think the 'de' is meant to be the 'hidden' indicator, ie French 'of'. The idea is clever. Not everyone will like it.
22) IMPOTENT : imp,o(xygen)tent : this was the unparsed one. You have to know that IC is Intensive Care, then deduce that otent is O-tent which is a contraction (of DA's) of oxygen tent. It's definitely one to be solved in retrospect. The idea was okay but was stretched too far to be fair.
25) STAR BILLING : st(if/Libra<)ling : Libra backwards replaces if in stifling.
27) TIM : -t-i-m
28) ROLEX : ---rol ex----
29) GREAT APES : hm(grey,tapes) : 'recorded' is one thing but playing the recording is where one hears it.

1) PET ROCK : pet,rock : good clue. Congratulations to whoever it was that made a few dollars out of boxing a rock and selling it as a pet.
2) STRETCH LIMO : (richest,lot,m--)*
3) ASTIR : -ast -ir : ie fast fir ; f=fellow.
4) HEAVENWARD : heave,drawn< : 'drawn up'=formulated. I'm not sure why DA in this instance has chosen to include 'cryptically'. Courteous setters might include it to alert solvers that something funny is going on, like a '?'. But as DA usually trades on these devices (see 22ac), why this time ? The surface works better without it. Odd.
5) ORLY : or,Ly-- : ie 'on' from Lyon.
6) POLE VAULT : Pole,vault
7) VIZ : second letters
8) DERIDES : ---der,id es- : ie ie!
13) WHISTLESTOP : whist,l,(poets)* : usually in terms of electioneering.
14) GOAL UMPIRE : go,a,lump,ire : they don't have them in either Rugby code so I can't be certain of the answer.
16) SHADOW-BOX : shadow,box : check the great Angels song - Shadowboxer.
18) SCISSOR : rocs< <> I,ss : 'flappers from Persia' should hint at mythical ones. 'wearing' to me implies 'on the outside'. I really don't like this clue.
20) ISTHMUS : (is,h-t)*,sum<
23) OUGHT : hm(-ort) is my best guess, 'fraud' being 'rort' ?
24) FLAG : ddef
25) AIL : a,-il-

It was passable. I'm still unsure on some counts but that happens every week.

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