DA 19/10/18

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DA 19/10/18

Post by zinzan » Fri Oct 19, 2018 9:26 am

A bit of ebb and flow today. Quick start in NE corner, then ebbed, then flowed in the centre, then ebbed in NW and finally got it done.
There are a few problems for the purists today but also some nice ideas.

1) MEDALLIONS : me(D--)al,lions
6,10) EPIC FAIL : (ice,a,flip)* : today's FOI.
9) HALF-NELSON : (-n-l-a-,flesh)*,on : not sure if 'posing' is meant to be ON or 'on' is meant to be ON and 'posing' some sort of connector.
10) see 6ac
12) WARMS TO : war,m(st)o : second=mo(ment).
13) SLITHER : ----s,lither : nice enough.
14) COMMON THREAD : (doom,merchant)* : worryingly suggested a theme in the puzzle but I think none . . .
18) BLACK AND BLUE : ddef : in snooker, the black is 7pts and the blue is 5pts. Amusing.
21) CLEAN UP : ddef
23) ANDORRA : and,or,ra---- : and/or being choices given.
24) ROAR : (---orra)* : bit vague and unsatisfying.
25) UPSKILLING : -ups,killing : ie pups, being young white pointer sharks. Possible to dislike this one but I'm sort of supporting it.
26) DO IN : do,in : my LOI. Hair 'style' = do ; stylish = in.
27) KIDNEY BEAN : kid,yen<,bean

1) MOHAWK : mo,hm(Hawke) : a 'shake' being a mo(ment).
2) DOLERS : (resold)*
3) see 22dn
4) ISLE OF MAN : (some,final)*
5) NOOKS : son< <> ok : there's 'uppity' again.
7) PEACHIER : p(each)ier
8) CHLORIDE : hm(claw,ride) : 'ride' = nag, in either to badger or a horse, quite possibly.
11) WITHOUT DELAY : wit,(youth,deal)* : 'A sap' when joined is ASAP.
15) NEBRASKAN : hm(any),br(ask)an : ie 'any' sounds like N.E
16) OBSCURED : -obs,cured : ie jobs.
17) MASERATI : m,as(era)ti- : ie astir, incompletely.
19) URSINE : ur(s----)ine : I think he can get away with 'pooh' uncapitalised for this one.
20) MARGIN : mar,gin
22,3) PIPPI LONGSTOCKING : pip,pi(longs,to)cking : I think 'for' is TO, as in a gift. Knew the character but nothing about her.

Sometimes I think a puzzle is okay until I actually pull it apart to write this. It was the other way around today. I thought I'd have quibbles but the explanations seemed reasonable (for DA) as I went through them.
I'd say 6.5/10.

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Re: DA 19/10/18

Post by Robespierre » Fri Oct 19, 2018 2:20 pm

6a, 10a "posing" is the required anagrind, I think.
25a An alternative, and arguably more natural, interpretation of "pointers" is as "dogs" (especially since the clue refers to "pointers" cf. "white pointers").
8d Definition is a bit flawed since chlorides can be inorganic compounds (ie not containing carbon) eg iron chloride, hydrogen chloride, as well as organic compounds.
22d, 5d A slightly different & simpler interpretation is that "wishes for" = "longs to".

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