DA 16/11/18

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DA 16/11/18

Post by zinzan » Fri Nov 16, 2018 11:52 am

The long answers refer to some well-known taglines from advertising. 5dn from the 90s, 6dn from forever and 7dn somewhat recently.
The other answers weren't particularly hard but there is one I still can't explain properly.

3) GUT : tug<
8) JAGUAR : j(a,gu-)ar : saw an Attenborough doco including jaguars encroaching on cities - bit frightening (for them).
9) ANT NESTS : (natt-ness)* : my lazy anagramming had me searching for 'ant tents' in references for a while . . .
10) OPTIONAL : op? then ? : number=no?no1? : rescue me !
11) OWNS IT : (on,wits)*
12) INN : -inn : ie Finn.
13) SNOWED IN : s(now,ed)in
14) TEMPER : ddef : one of those weird words with opposite meanings.
15) VALISE : v--------e <> Ali's : I'm taking 'of the greatest' as 'of Ali' as 'belonging to Ali' therefore 'Ali's'.
16) LITANY : lit,any : lit is drunk but kiddies these days use it as 'significant'. Something may be 'fully lit' or in it's prime. I think. My teenagers can't really explain it.
19) BRAHMS : harb--- <,m-------s : ie harbour.
21) FREEZE UP : (zer-,fee-,pu-)*
22) ELF : Ger(eleven) : DA does seem to like German numbers.
23) LIMPET : limp,-et-
24) APPLE PIE : Apple,pie--
25) CHEERFUL : (elf,cure,H)*
26) RENEGE : -----e gener----- <
27) YET : final letters

1) see 5dn
2) see 5dn
3) GRENADES : gre-,sedan< : clunky surface.
4) TAGLINE : tag(----l)ine
5,1,2) IT WON'T HAPPEN OVERNIGHT BUT IT WILL HAPPEN : ddef of sorts : a tagline for Pantene shampoo. It'll take many showers patiently until an improvement in one's locks(hair). I remember the ad.
6) BEANZ MEANZ HEINZ : be,ANZ,me,a,NZ,he,I,NZ : it all works. A tagline for a long time, probably one of the most memorable ever.
7) IT GIVES YOU WINGS : (in,guys,view,is,got)* : Red Bull.
17) INEXPERT : ---in---,ex(P)ert
18) AFFABLY : -aff(a,LB<)*y : ie daffy. DA once again paying homage to his mentor LB. I didn't do many LB puzzles but I recall not enjoying them so much. But, whatever . . .
20) SET OFF : ddef : or is it ? Both senses are of 'starting' something. Only the surface makes them seem different.

Everyone loves a bit of nostalgia, so that's a winner. I didn't carp until the last explanation and many long answers were used without too many strange crossing answers. So . . . . 7.5/10.

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Re: DA 16/11/18

Post by Robespierre » Fri Nov 16, 2018 2:43 pm

10a "surgery"= OP; "number"= A LOT; "abstract"= anagrind, applying to A LOT, IN

20d I thought this was a regulation dd: "start" = SET OFF (eg on a journey); "trip" = SET OFF (eg an alarm)

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Re: DA 16/11/18

Post by zinzan » Fri Nov 16, 2018 3:15 pm

DA Trippers has another explanation for 10ac, it seems. OP overwrites NO in NOtional.
That avoids an indirect anagram.

in 20d, I still think that both senses have a sense of initiation, whether it be for a holiday or a booby trap.
Let's just say, for my liking, it's not different enough.

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