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Post by Robespierre » Fri Jan 18, 2019 9:41 am

A good puzzle. I found a few of the wordplays a bit more challenging than usual, notably LUFTHANSA.

1, 23d RICHARD NIXON: R, ICON encloses HARD, NIX
2a MISDEAL: Delete S(om)E from SEMIS, DEAL
3a PIN: dd
10, 28a FAIR CRACK OF THE WHIP: FAIR, CRACK + ref. to parliamentary member charged with enforcing a party's voting policy. Nice clue.
11a ANTECEDE: ANTE (ref. to stake contributed before a game of poker etc. starts), homoph(SEED)
12a AWEIGH: AWE + 1st letters of "if grouchy hubby". Defn refers to anchor having just been pulled up from seabed
15a dd. "Close one" can, of course, lead the solver in other directions.
16a PROPER NOUN: (OR PUN)* contains PERNO(T). Defn. is "like Cointreau". Clever clue.
19a ETNA: Final letters of "Police collect fourteen panatella"
21a PI-DOGS: PIGS contains DO. Pi-dog is a pariah dog, especially in S Asia
25a HANDICAPPER: homoph(HANDY, KAPPA). Tricky defn: "employee of course"
27a AIX: A1, X Ref. to city Aix-en-Provence.
29a ECHELON: "techs help bond" after dropping all end letters

1d RSPCA: R(un)S, PC, A
2d CONSTRUCTED: CONSTRUED [= read] contains C(ricke)T
3d AFFECT: 1st 5 letters are all musical notes + (concer)T
5d MUCH: (CHUM)*
7d ELK: hidden word reversed
8d LUFTHANSA: FUL(l) reversed + TH(e) + (g)A(r)N(i)S(h) [[ie "trimming" applies to both words but "regularly" applies only to "garnish"] + A(vocado). Tricky. Defn is "Hamburger line" where I interpret "Hamburger" as a (deceptive) indicator for "German"; Lufthansa is headquartered in Cologne & primarily hubs ex Frankfurt so it is not literally an airline associated primarily with Hamburg, though its maintenance is carried out there.
13d I DONT RECALL: (CREDIT ON)* with "wasted" as anagrind. I assume ALL comes from A(bso)L(ute)L(y) where "chicanery" is an indicator for a "weaving" selection of letters, as in driving through chicanes.
14d APOSTROPHE: An apostrophe is observed in "Bible's opening"
15d CHEAP SHOT: CHEAP ("reduced"), SHOT [as in a shot of whisky = (loosely) a dash of whisky]
17d LUNGFISH: (flushing)*
20d HURRAH: HURR(y), (p)A(t)H
24d RASP: [RSP(c)A]*
25d NAE: hidden word

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Re: 18/11/19

Post by zinzan » Sat Jan 19, 2019 9:12 am

Off the slopes early as whited out. Time to try DA via iPad.

All agreed but wondered about 13dn. Wasted and chicanery could both be anaginds and absolutely could simply be ALL. Not quite clear.

I’ll look in again next week!

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Re: 18/11/19

Post by Robespierre » Sat Jan 19, 2019 4:49 pm

13d Agree my interpretation is not beyond doubt. My initial parsing was as per zinzan's but it suffers from the major weakness that one of "wasted" & ""chicanery" would then go unused. Hence I scratched my head for an alternative that gave both these words a role. Also, it would be bit of a coincidence that "absolutely" taken regularly (in the cryptic crossword sense) just happens to generate ALL.

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