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Check Solution

Post by crypticpat » Sun Aug 27, 2017 11:05 am

Anyone else having problems with this feature? It only works for me on a couple of the listed puzzles. Is it my computer?

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Re: Check Solution

Post by ianwilliams » Sun Aug 27, 2017 11:35 am

Sorry, Pat, but it must be something in/on your computer. I've just checked Augusts slots 1-5 and the check function worked perfectly in each case.

In the first instance we suggest that you clear your browsing history and try again. - links below. Let me know by e-mail if your browser is not covered.

• Chrome – Control H or Options -> History and recent tabs -> History
Clear Browsing History Chrome
• Firefox – Options -> History -> Clear Recent History
Clear Browsing History Firefox
• Internet Explorer – Tools -> Safety -> Delete browsing history
Clear Browsing History IE11
• Edge – Hub -> History -> Clear all History
Clear Browsing History Edge
• Safari on desktop – Settings -> History -> Clear History
Clear Browsing History Safari desktop
• Safari on iOS devices – Settings -> Safari -> Clear History and Website Data
Clear Browsing History iOS
• Android – Settings -> Privacy -> Delete Personal Data
Clear Browsing History Android Browser

Ian Williams

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Re: Check Solution

Post by crypticpat » Sun Aug 27, 2017 11:47 am

Thanks Ian. I use Chrome and did as instructed. Still no response on any of the listed puzzles - except for July 6 and 7 which I could access previously. My computer is in its death throes - crashing in various ways on a daily basis, so it must have something to do with that. It's 5 years old, so, like me, is probably wearing out! My only reservation is that a replacement will have Windows 10 installed - which I have on my laptop and really don't enjoy using. I've always had my desktops custom built in Young, but guess that now I'm in Canberra will have to get one off the shelf.
Thanks for your advice. I do have a subscription to CC Cleaner, so may give that a go now I know the problem is with me.

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