DA 16/03/18

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DA 16/03/18

Post by zinzan » Fri Mar 16, 2018 9:49 am

I think this could be a pretty favourable score today. On reflection, post-solve, there seemed to be a lot more plusses than minuses. And there was one particular item that I always thought would be good in a puzzle but I had yet to see (and/or recall) until today.

1) MEDEVAC : caved,---em--- < : I'd always thought it to be 'medivac' but seems not. Makes more sense with an 'e'.
5) SUBJECT : ddef
9) NAN : (ann)* : although 'imbroglio' seems overwrought.
10) DISENCUMBER : dumber<>(since)*
11) BIG KAHUNA : (baking,a,hu--)* : not thrilled with 'pie' as an anagrind and 'semi-huge' which is nonsensical.
12) THORN : tho-----,RN : i.e. 'rough' from 'thorough' then Radio National. One day I might listen to RN but no day soon.
14) SOTS : s-o-t-s- : neat.
15) WINDERMERE : win,(Mr Ed)<,ere : I always thought Mr Ed would be useful ! I guess you gotta be 50+ to know it well. It took a bit of unravelling to find the construction.
18) STENTORIAN : (tenor,isnt)*
19) IN ON : Noni< : clearly this puzzle was set for the older generation.
22) OCEAN : -o- --ce-- -an- : the 'guts' being of the possessive 'man's' jarred a little and guts being only CE and not ECEN also is unsatisfactory. Agh.
23) ABHORRENT : a (B-----h)-orrent
24) TEACHER AIDE : tea,ch(era)ide : teacher's aide, no ?! Online dictionaries have no 'teacher aide'. Me shakes me head.
26) PAL : p+a,L : as soon as you see a 5-letter word with AND in the middle, do suspect this e.g. P and A. I'm assuming L=lost as in a sports team may have 'L 1-2' as a result of a game. It's not in Macquarie 5th Ed and probably not in other references. So dodgy.
27) NONPLUS : no(-n,---p,----l)us
28) HENDRIX : he,(drin--)*,x

1) MINIBUS : min(I,b---)us
2) DON'T GO THERE : don,t(Goth)-e-r-e-
3) VODKAS : v,so< <>D-----k,a-
4) COSTUMIER : (Tom,Cruise)* : a favourite anagram, much like Britney Spears.
5) SENNA : ddef : Ayrton
6) BLUSTERY : b(luster)y
7) EBB : --e,B&B
8) TERENCE : (e--centre)* : is 'quake' transitive ? I still think anagram indicators should work grammatically and often DA's don't.
13) ONE UNDER PAR : ddef
16) DEATH WISH : cryptic defn
18) SHORTEN : 'closed a bridge'='abridge'
20) NETFLIX : n(left)*ix : nice enough clue.
21) MR BEAN : m(b-------r<)ean
23) ARRAS : --sarra-< : hadn't heard of it.
25) ANN : a,n-n

I must have forgotten the dodgy stuff so it wasn't quite as sparkling an effort as I had hinted.
It was reasonably diverse and I reckon it was deliberately set for the public DA solving in Melbourne's Word Alert today at NGV.
I hope the solver, a DA Tripper, is honest.

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Re: DA 16/03/18

Post by afrit » Fri Mar 16, 2018 3:07 pm

4 I thought 'set' in theatrical terms referred to the scenery and props, not the clothing the actors wear.

24d ZZ you seem to have forgotten your Hamlet. Polonius was stabbed whilst hiding behind an arras.

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