DA 25/05/18

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DA 25/05/18

Post by zinzan » Fri May 25, 2018 10:39 am

The last couple of weeks have seen easy puzzles but the ulterior thought was always, "when is the storm coming ?" It arrived.
This puzzle took a fair bit of work to get started, understand and then complete. No one will say it was their PB solving time.
And if today was your first DA puzzle, then cursed are you.

I listed the key answers and filled them in as I solved them so I could see the message sensibly. Then I solved as much as possible before the asterisk clues. I had most of the rubric and tried a few asterisk clues. They seemed odd but I knew some letters were changing. Until I got 1dn, I didn't know every letter did so.
The clues contain the grid answer, the transposed answer and wordplay.

Suffice to say, it was a brilliant bit of setting with not only 9 affected answers but 8 parts of the rubric all in the grid. No wonder we got such an unusual layout.

3) GAP : inits : an easy starter.
7) SATORI : sat,ori : not sure where 'spirit, free of Genesis' works. Help ?
8) LEAR JETS : Sp(jeer,lets)
10) SHOW : show- : showy, I think.
* 11) PECAN (TIGER) : crypdef
* 12) HERO (DANK) : ---dan k------
13) WALRUSES : wa(---l---)r,uses
16) TIDDLY : ddef
18) DRASTIC : Dr,a,s------,tic
19) BONANZA : Bo(nan)z,a : Boz was Dickens pseudonym.
21) WAFFLE : ddef
23) LILY PADS : Lily,pads : she was the numbers girl on Letters and Numbers. Don't start me about my effort on that show . . . I was stitched up.
24) FOUR : hm(for)
26) BOTCH : bot,c--h : bots are automated programs for spam and data collection etc. They come through DEEF regularly.
28) ARGO : Ar---,Go----- : I haven't checked. I hope they were.
30) MASSACRE : ---ma's sacre-
31) WHEELS : hm(weals)
32) RUN : ddef

1) EACH : -each : teach
2) FORWARDS : for,wards : the Southerners will bleat again about rugby terminology . . .
* 3) GIMP (CEIL) : hm(seal)
4) PLACES : ddef
* 5) DAWN (HEAR) : hear- : heart
* 6) STIR (OPEN) : op,--en--
9) JIHAD : j------,I,had
14) AORTA : (-a-r- t-o -a-)*
15) SLIDE : ddef
16) TROLL : ddef : angle=trawl=troll
17) LAZED : -lazed : glazed
20) ALPHABET : a,LP,hab(i/e)t : 'I cut for bearing' means 'remove I and replace with E (compass bearing).
* 22) FERNS (BANJO) : I think an error here. CANJO stops 'Republican joking'. Any thoughts ?
23) LETTER : ddef
* 25) OPAL (STEP) : pets<
26) BACK : ddef : get used to it . . .
* 27) HEWN (LIAR) : rail<
* 29) GALE (KEPI) : k---I <> EP

9/10 for creativity and execution.

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Re: DA 25/05/18

Post by afrit » Fri May 25, 2018 9:36 pm

2 Also puzzled by wordplay as Ori(gen) is an early Christian philosopher. Very much corporeal.
31 Audit is not a homophone indicator. Even the addition of a question mark would make it barely passable as a clue. The best Chambers gives is as an obsolete definition for audience, hearing
22 Clearly a boo boo. Where are the editors?

The puzzle is essentially two puzzles with minimal connections through 8 and 30. Wouldn't pass grid construiction 101.
I think you have been overly generous in your assessment.

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Re: DA 25/05/18

Post by zinzan » Sat May 26, 2018 8:36 pm

I didn't see an issue with the grid construction. Sure, it's unusual but it wasn't unfair.
Two halves were connected at only two points but there was some effort in making the puzzle work.
It's not like it's a regular occurrence (unlike DH who often has rubbish grids).

Assessment still stands.

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Re: DA 25/05/18

Post by Dr Bob » Mon May 28, 2018 1:57 am

I also liked the crossword - very clever and unusual - DA's brain visits some interesting places.

Apparently a "canjo" is a musical instrument - typically home made with 1 or more strings

"A Canjo is a single string musical instrument. It is held like a guitar but may also be played on a table or lap"

In 7a genesis = origin : origin less spirit (gin) = ori (perhaps Genesis free of spirit would have been better)


Dr Bob

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Re: DA 25/05/18

Post by afrit » Mon May 28, 2018 5:04 pm

7 Seems like a very indirect way to get at the answer. The capitalization of Genesis suggests The OT book was meant. If not, and the capital was a ruse, then a '?' is certainly warranted.

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Re: DA 25/05/18

Post by Robespierre » Wed Sep 19, 2018 7:24 am

22d I don't think DA has made an error: BANJO is correct. "stop" = BAN; "Republican" (i.e. no king) is an instruction to delete "king" from "joking" to give JO. In other words, this is similar wordplay to how you get ORI in 7a.

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