Publication of the Times Crosswords in The Australian Newspaper

The Times Cryptic crossword in The Australian is published approximately 33 days after appearing in The Times.
The Sunday Times Cryptic appears after a 2 week delay. Exceptions are that the gap is about 7 days less for Saturday prize puzzles which are blogged 9 days later and so differs from the Oz sequence. Other minor variations occur depending on the weekend break.

Things also get interesting because of the different policies at Christmas and Easter.
At Easter, The Australian is not published on Good Friday but The Times is published as normal in London. Consequently, the delay in printing the Cryptic Crossword in The Australian for dates after Easter, changes from 33 days to 32 days.
This slippage causes the difference between the Serial numbers in the two papers to increase by one every year after Easter
However, sometimes The Australian catches up by printing two crosswords on Easter Saturday.
Just to keep me on my toes, The Australian has been known to completely omit a puzzle from the sequence.

On Christmas Day, neither newspaper is published but the Australian continues with the same series but some disruption to the delay is evident until, in about 33 days, the "missing" puzzle from Christmas Day changes the relationship again.
When Christmas Day falls on a Sunday. *********

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Roy Low