Frequently Asked Questions

1. What if the puzzle I want does not appear in the search results?

Firstly, try other words from the puzzle. If this does not work, the most common cause is:

The blogger has not included at least one of those words in his blog.

In older puzzles - before about 2017 - bloggers often didn't include clues in their blogs; often left one or more answers out; and often didn't write the answer as a full word but included wordplay in the answer

e.g. from puzzle 24463 not KOOKABURRA but:
(KO,OK)=”back-to-back defeats” from KO=knock-out,A,B(UR = rev. of R.U.)RA

It's hard to offer advice except try a little lateral thinking of what words the blogger might have included in the blog.
Or try using fewer words, though that will potentially give you more hits to winnow.

Fortunately in the recent past the blog has included the full text of both clues and answers.
e.g. a search on    SWEETBRIER    ESPADRILLE    DOUGAL    returns Times puzzle number 28253.