The Times of London

The Times Cryptic crossword in The Australian newspaper is published approximately 33 days after appearing in The Times in London. However, the delay between the two varies depending on the day of the week and the time of year.
In addition, the serial number of a particular puzzle in London is different from the Australian number.

The Times Crossword Club, whose members solve the puzzles on-line every day, produce an excellent blog every day to discuss that day's puzzle. The blog provides a brilliant means of improving your solving skills with the help of people who are entertaining, friendly and pretty good at their hobby.

Determining the address of the blog for a given puzzle in The Australian is quite tricky so I decided to build a website to help.

Currently an average of about 500 people per day use my little website to link to the "London" blog after solving the puzzle in The Australian.

Here is the link Times-for-the-Times

Roy Low (aka Blue King)