Puzzles for June 2023

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Puzzle Title Author Identifier Closure (Midnight) Link PDF to Print
May 2023 Slot 1KA Half and HalfMay 25th
May 2023 Slot 2Crowsman TurnMay 25th
May 2023 Slot 3Pentangle CrypticMay 25th
May 2023 Slot 4Fraz Alphabetical JigsawMay 25th
May 2023 Slot 5Anon Our House?May 25th
May 2023 Slot 6Eclogue EncompassedMay 25th
May 2023 Slot 7Betelgeuse 20-acrossMay 25th
June 2023 Slot 1P-brane Half and HalfJun 29th
June 2023 Slot 2 Penobscot CrypticJun 29th
June 2023 Slot 3Lexi Conner CrypticJun 29th
June 2023 Slot 4Bogeyman Alphabetical JigsawJun 29th
June 2023 Slot 5 Robespierre CrypticJun 29th
June 2023 Slot 6Crowsman Mutual Definitions 1Jun 29th
June 2023 Slot 7Crowsman Mutual Definitions 2Jun 29th

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