April 2021 Slot 4 (Alphabetical Jigsaw) by Manveru

Solutions begin with the given letter. Place them in the grid jigsaw-wise, where they fit.

AExpressing regret for terrible slip long ago, with the loss of one life primarily (11)
BIt's happening live, coming from above (9)
CRevolutionary power requiring atomic infusion is affordable (5)
DA small coffee is steamed perhaps (9)
EMarsupial found on edges of pristine land mass (6)
FMade smooth fine coffee with hints of nut, elderberry and demerara (9)
GFatty piece of cake following starters of goulash and ratatouille (6)
HShipyard destroyed after export of international phosphorus - monsters! (6)
IRun through current map designed by the French (6)
JSending to prison, after judge initially rejects releasing on a bond (7)
KOne using strokes on a canvas? (7)
LState bail-out with injection of yen (5)
MDevelops fluid for immunisation backed to smother coronavirus's core temperature (7)
NGain about ten dollars, initially euro put up to get close (4-4)
OHit casino and clubs after love affair (8)
PPerson in slammer, ultimately criminal! (8)
QThis can be thrown back to a fast bowler? (7)
RUS zebra is free to wander in the short marsh grass (7)
SQueen disposed after quarrels perhaps in Alice-in-Wonderland (7)
TTime needed by Australian cricket team to find a coach for hire (4)
UMoles, based here with peacekeepers, return communist to base (11)
VHelping to secure one under very active change (9)
WDriver is in a state and beyond recovery? (7)
XThe wireless code to initialise the Xbox? (4)
YEurasian capital is at the forefront after year before (7)
ZAircraft line, perhaps, supporting zero emissions, initially very quiet (8)

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