May 2021 Slot 4 by KA

Solutions begin with the given letter. Place them in the grid jigsaw-wise, where they fit.

AOne job on the French vessel is a religious appointment (11)
BRubbish the famous racing driver (5)
CThrash the elite (5)
DHavana idealists shelter backward girl (5)
EEqualises the odds (5)
FConfuses male bovine hiding in canyons (9)
GArtisans surround forger with weapons (9)
HPowerful bird hides a cruel break (9)
IKA with shovel was terrible! (4)
JPsychiatrist with advantage, including further education, identifies disease (6,5)
KStimulants for tigers, I'm told (5)
LPallor of angry untouchable!? (9)
MParent with tool for tree (5)
NCalled prison at rebuilt Medan (9)
ORope for unpopular trucker (9)
PSoft,crumpled crepe on hat concealing Baron is visible (11)
QStrange homosexual (5)
RHeadless fish seen in stream (4)
SRemoved exudate to make dairy product (7,4)
TEmbezzler has time to run with head of finance (5)
UHome for socially acceptable fool (4)
VA soldier in chaste surroundings is quite useless (9)
WSpin around with girl returning for toy (9)
XUnknown prophet discards English language (5)
YCountry for the old soldiers (5)
ZBizet album includes letter (4)

Copyright © 2021 ACC: Karl Audrins.