The Club has developed an on-line solving and adjudication system called
ACCOLADE ( Australian Crossword Club On-Line ADjudication and Evaluation system).
Members may click on any of the crosswords for the month, solve them on-line or by traditional methods and then submit them for adjudication.
Crosswords may be partially completed and saved and then completed later with no limit on the number of re-submissions to cater for second thoughts.
Spell-check facilities are provided at little more than the click of a button.
The solver receives an automatic email to confirm receipt of his submission

Once the competition has closed Accolade checks all submissions and enables details of all errors to be provided to the official Adjudicator for the month.
After the competition has closed members may resubmit their crosswords for evaluation, including an explanation of the derivation of the solutions from the clues.

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